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Globalone Mould Industrial(DongGuan)Ltd, formerly as Zechuan mould factory in Shajing town of Shenzhen, was founded in 1994.In 2004 Globalone Mould was registered in Hongkong and the office is located in Bao’an District of Shenzhen city. Our company is a professional manufacturer offering one-stop service from mould and part design analysis to the final product assembly, including plastic injection mold design, manufacturing and injection molding, silk screen printing, painting, assembly and some other secondary processing.

Factory Capacity


Globalone Mould has strong capability in mould design and manufacture, specializing in full range of system services including product design, mould making, injection molding, secondary operations and assembly Mould design and making including standard mould,bi-injection mould,overmoulding,gas-assist mould,etc ...